Thematic Recital List

#1 Halloween Recital

A progressive program that gradually transitions from playing on the keys to playing on the strings. Works by MacDowell, Alkan, Phillip, Bartok, Prokofiev, Busoni, Crumb, Cowell , Beaucamp, Goosens, Toch, Petyrek, Still, Tsontakis, Liebermann, Spalding, Saint- Säens , Tcherepnin, Shostakovich.*Ghost stories optional* *Requires Steinway Model L,M,O, or S ( to access the strings)*

#2 Music based on Native American melodies

Music based on Native American melodies.  The original melody is heard on a wooden flute before the piano and string quartet piece. Works by Loomis, Farwell, Busoni, Griffes, Pochon, and Jacobi. *Includes 40 page program notes on melody backgrounds and composers.* *Native American Lecturer and String Quartet optional*. *November is Native American Heritage Month.*

#3 Sonatinas

A program of piano sonatinas- “little sonatas” Works by Diabelli, Beethoven, Juon, Busoni, Bartok, Kabalevsky, Ravel, Alkan, Clementi, P.Ben-Haim, Dvorak, and Sibelius.

#4 Impressions

A progressive program featuring music from Pre-Impressionist, Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, and Neo-Impressionist periods.  Impressionism in music throughout a century. Works by Alkan, Liszt, Magnard, Severac, Ravel, Debussy, Griffes, Busoni, Villa-Lobos, and Takemitsu. This program is played in conjunction with program #5, Mechanical Music for contrast.

#5 Mechanical Music

Music inspired by mechanical objects.  Works by Alkan, Severac, Beethoven, Liszt, Rachmaninov, Mozart/Busoni, Liadov, Grovlez, Damase, Gorecki, and Ravel. This program is played in conjunction with program #4, Impressions, or #18, Mystical Music for contrast.

#6 Humor in Music

Works by Tcherepnin, Liszt, P.D.Q. Bach, Shchedrin, Krennikov, Rossini, Ballantine, Rachmaninov, Sternberg, and Tchaikovsky.  *Jokes optional.* This program is played in conjunction with program #7, Funereal Music for contrast.

#7 Funereal Music

Works by Scriabin, Zwilich, Schwantner, MacMillan, Alkan, Liszt, Busoni, Beethoven/Liszt, Wagner/Liszt, Crumb, Berlioz/Liszt, Thalberg, Schmitt, Rochberg, Donizetti, and Berners. This program is played in conjunction with program #6, Humor in Music for contrast.

#8 Music for One Hand

Piano music for the left hand. Works by Chopin/Godowsky, Chopin/Dzugan/Godowsky, Donizetti/Leschetizky, C.P.E. Bach, Blumenfeld, Reger, Scriabin, Mendelssohn, Foote, Reinecke, Bridge, and Saint-Säens.

#9 On the Gondola

(Barcarolles and Boat Songs)-Works by Mendelssohn, Alkan, Liadov, Tcherepnin, Liszt, Thalberg, Nevin, Tchaikovsky, Albeniz, Chopin, and Henselt.

#10 Imitating  Nature

A concert featuring descriptive “program” music. Works by Alkan, Tan Dun, Manton, Davies, Griffes, Ireland, Chopin, Debussy, Liszt, Weber, Moszkowski, Ravel, and Harrison.

#11 The Dance

Music inspired by dance forms. Works by Alkan, Scriabin, Saint Säens, Cowell, Weill, Hoffman, Severac, McDonald, Longas, Lecuona, MacDowell, Mompou, Ireland, Tchaikovsky, Tcherepnin, Busoni, Chopin, Gounod/Liszt, Liszt, Berlioz/Liszt, Strauss Jr., Strauss,  Liadov, Prokofiev, Lecuona, Shostakovich, Kodaly, Moszkowski, Weber, Mompou, Levitski, Debussy, Sibelius, Dvorak, Granados, Ginastera, Kisielewski, Mignone, Backer, Navarro, Ponce, Albeniz, Grainger, Gurman, Henselt, Glazanov, Wieniawski, Casella, Milhaud, Tosar, Triggs, Turina, Grosz, Strauss/Godowsky, Meyerbeer/Liszt, Bolcom.

#12 The  Angel and  the  Devil

Religious and devilish music. Works by Alkan, MacMillan, Prokofiev, Liszt, Berlioz, Szymanowski, and Meyerbeer/Liszt.

#13 Degrees of Emotion

Feeling contained in pieces. *Audience participation: feedback on feeling.*

#14 An American in Paris

American composers using foreign source material. Works by Hoffman, MacDowell, Brown, Logan, and Gottschalk.  Joint program with #15 A Parisian in America for contrast.

#15 A Parisian in America

Non-American composers using “American” source material. Works by Rubinstein, Beethoven, Hummel, Thalberg, Kalkbrenner, Herz, Valentine, Tomaschek, Niemann, and Dvorak. Joint program with #14 An American in Paris for contrast.

#16 Christmas Around the World

Classical composers composing “Christmas” music. Works by Paine, Müller, Busoni, Dohnányi,  Holst, and Delius.

#17 Copycat!

Inspired by the Greats.  Works by Chavez, Händel, Brown, Busoni, Hummel, Ries.

#18 Mystical Music

Works by Busoni, Freed, Crumb, Hovhaness, and Liszt. Joint program with #5 Mechanical Music for contrast.

#19 The Grande Sonata

Romantic piano sonatas in the Grande Tradition. Works by Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Alkan, and Balakirev.

#20 Americana

American composers on America.  A  July holiday program. Works by Siegmeister, Hannibal, Coleridge, Price, Valentine, Burleigh, Guion, Sowerby, Sousa, Gottschalk, Johnson, and Gershwin.

#21 Vary Another

Variations on another’s theme. Works by Mompou, Heller, Rachmaninov, Herz, Busoni, Papale, and Brahms.

#22 The Solo Concerto

Music that emulates piano and orchestra/chamber ensemble setting. Works by Alkan, Bach, and  Saint-Säens.

#23 Perpetual Motion

Works by Forgues, MacDowell, Weber, and Busoni. Joint program with #27 Pastorale for contrast.

#24 Transitional Music

Music composed between stylistic periods. Works by Duphly, Couperin, Beethoven, Busoni, and Liszt.

#25 The  Folk Song

Composers utilizing folk material. Works by Dohnányi, Agay, Tcherepnin, Busoni, Saint Säens, Hummel, Grainger, Helfritz, Lahusan, Converse, Holst, Sowerby, Ravel, Ponce, Barber, Vallier, Beach, Berlioz, Bartok, Liszt, Alkan.

#26 That Cold War Sound

(U.S. vs. U.S.S.R.)-music composed by Russians and Americans around the Cold War era. Works by Shostakovich, Copland, Kabalevsky.

#27 Pastoral

Works by Beethoven/Liszt, Liszt, Medtner, Soler, Sibelius, Copland, Dohnányi, Franck, Berlioz/Liszt, and Copland.  Joint program with  #23 Perpetual Motion for contrast.

#28 The African-American Voice

Music written by African-Americans. Works by Price, Coleridge, Burleigh, and Still.

#29 Songs Without Words

This title is taken from Mendelssohn’s collection of melodic piano works. This program will feature short works with melodies fit for words. Compositions by Mendelssohn, Alkan, Schubert, and Chipp.

#30 Variations on Paganini

Piano variations based on Paganini’s 24th Caprice for violin. Works by Brahms, Papale, Lutoslawski, Rachmaninov, and Liszt.

#31 Four-Hand Duets

Music for four hands at one piano. Works by Clementi, Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt, Rimsky-Korsakov, Mendelssohn, Anderson, Rossini, and Gottschalk.

#32 Anniversary/Memorial Recitals

Recitals marking the birth or death of a composer. Upcoming Anniversary/Memorial recitals: Alkan (2013), Duphly (2015), Scriabin (2015), Kalinnikov (2016), Busoni (2016), Debussy (2018), Severac (2021/2022), and Rachmaninov (2023).

#33 Music for Two Pianos

Works by Clementi, Mozart, Lutoslawski, Copland, Liszt, Anderson, Benjamin, and Brahms.

#34 That Russian Sound

Music in the Russian spirit. Works by Mussorgsky, Kabalevsky, Liapunov, Rachmaninov, Kalinnikov, and Liadov. Joint program with # 35, 36, or 40 for contrast.

#35 That French Sound

Music in the French spirit. Works by Debussy, and Severac. Joint program with #34, 35, 36, or 40 for contrast.

#36 That Spanish Sound

Music in the Spanish spirit. Works by Albeniz, Navarro, Manuel de Falla, Granados, Turina, Longas, and Moszkowski. Joint program with # 34, or #35 for contrast.

#37 Encore!

A program of Encores.  Works by Moszkowski, Bellini, Rimsky-Korsakov, Liszt, Sousa, Mendelssohn, Saint-Säens, Grainger, Strauss Jr., Khatchaturian, Strauss, Chopin, Hough, Rogers & Hammerstein, Guion, Phillip, Schumann, Bolcom, and Balakirev.

#38 Duels- Liszt vs. Thalberg

This is not a recreation of the event. This programs shows off the talents of both composer/arrangers. Works by Bellini/Thalberg, Bellini/Liszt, Mozart/Thalberg, Mozart/ Liszt, Verdi/ Thalberg, Verdi/Liszt.

#39 A Hypothetical Duel: Beethoven vs.  Hummel

Works by Beethoven and Hummel.

#40 That Latin/Caribbean Sound

Music in the Latin/Caribbean spirit.  Works by Mignone, Ponce, Lecuona, Aguirre, Milhaud, Tosar, Triggs, Ginastera, Helfritz, and Gottschalk. Joint program with #34, or 35 for contrast.

#41 Opera Goes To The Piano

A program of opera transcriptions. Works by Meyerbeer/Liszt, Bellini/Thalberg, Bellini/Döhler, Rossini/Pixis, Wagner/Liszt, Mercadante/Thalberg, Mozart/Thalberg, Donizetti/Thalberg, Rossini/Thalberg, Verdi/Thalberg, Mozart/Liszt, Meyerbeer/Liszt, Bellini/Liszt, Verdi/Liszt, Tchaikovsky/Liszt, and Gounod/Liszt.

#42 Gypsy and Hungarian Music

Composers’ utilizing Gypsy and Hungarian Folk Music. Music by Liszt, Brahms, Bartok, Dohnányi and Kodaly.

#43 Duels: Mozart and Clementi

These two composer/pianists were pitted against each other in January 1781.The objective is not to recreate the pieces played on that date but to show various aspects of the art of both composers. Works by Mozart and Clementi.

#44 Romanicisms

Journey through Early, Middle, Late, Post ,and Neo-Romanticisms. Works by Beethoven, Schubert, Hummel, Field, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninov, Medtner, amongst others.

#45 Classicisms

Journey through Early, Middle, Late ,and Neo- Classicisms. Works by Duphly,  Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Hummel, Clementi, Busoni, and  Prokofiev.

#46 Baroque-isms

Journey through Early, Middle, Late Baroque Keyboard Music. Works by Byrd, Soler, Couperin, Rameau, Duphly, Scarlatti, Bach, Shostakovich amongst others.

#47 Mozart and his Contemporaries

What makes Mozart Great? Works by Mozart, Clementi, Schroeter, Kozeluch, Latrobe, Kirkman, Cogan, Haydn, amongst others.

#48 Beethoven and his Contemporaries

What makes Beethoven Great?  Works by Beethoven Schubert, Kozeluch, Latrobe, Kirkman, Hummel, Cogan, Haigh, Crotch, Kollmann, Neate, Ries, Berger, Haydn, Diabelli, Czerny, Weber, Dussek, amongst others.

#49 Bach and his Contemporaries

What makes Bach Great?  Works by Bach, Duphly, Scarlatti, Handel, Rameau, Couperin amongst others.

#50 Opera Takes A Break

Piano music by Opera Composers.  Works by Wagner, Donizetti, Rossini, Bizet, amongst others.

#51 For The Youth

Piano music composed for and inspired by children. Works by Schumann, Bartok, Volkmann, Khachaturian, Dello Joio, and Liebermann.